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During your appointment we dig deep to uncover the root causes of your symptoms.  We address them with individualized plans using diet and lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements.

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New Patient Appointment

During this 1.5-2 hour appointment we will review your medical history and lifestyle factors. We will perform both a live blood and dry cell analysis. A protocol will be provided to get you started on your journey to wellness. Fee - $250.

Follow-Up Apppointment

During this 45-60 minute appointment we will assess progress and perform a live blood and dry cell analysis. A protocol will be provided for your continued wellness. Fee - $80.

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New Patient Phone Consult

Live out of the area?  Not interested in live blood and dry cell analysis?  This 1 hour phone consult is for new patients to review symptoms and labs that you may have had done.  A protocol will be given at the end of the consultation.  Fee - $150

Follow-Up Phone Consult

Can't make it in for an appointment but need to discuss new symptoms or lab results, we can go over those details in this 30 minute call.  Fee - $35

Phone on Desk

Questions about the services we provide? Feel free to reach out today.

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