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Hanging Herbs


Clinical Herbalist and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor offering live blood analysis and dry cell analysis. Utilizing herbs, food, supplements and lifestyle changes to help you improve your health.


Herbal classes and workshops are offered at several local locations. Private workshops can be scheduled. 

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My Background

I have a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor from NIU.  I have studied Herbalism and Nutrition & Chemistry thru Herbal Healer Academy. I completed the 1700 hour Master Herbalism program at Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine. I also studied with the Functional Nutrition Alliance to become a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.

As an endurance athlete and the parent of a high school athlete I wanted to understand more about how the female body works during exercise and training. I’ve taken Dr. Stacy Sims Women Are Not Small Men course and her Menopausal Athlete course. I am a UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach and a UESCA Certified Endurance Nutrition Coach.

In my free time I enjoy trail running, hiking, mountain biking, camping, kayaking and spending time with my daughter. 

I’ve used herbs, food and lifestyle changes to make huge improvements in my own health.  I look forward to helping you make changes in your life to improve your overall health and wellness.


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